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Margaret Stove has created a beautiful and ingeniously reversible lace and ruching textured pattern for MOCO Yarns Qiviut 70/20/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk blend Lace weight yarns. One ounce of lace weight yarn is 300 yards and makes a scarf that is 14 inches (35cm) wide and 46 inches (115cm) long on size 3.75mm (US 5) needles. Size is adjustable with blocking. Written for advanced intermediate knitters, you will need to read a lace chart and graft (kichener) in both stockinette stitch and purl stitch. The stitch pattern is a 12 row and 25 stitch repeat. This is not difficult to knit and the result is stunning! You can also use 2 ounces, 360 yards, of Nunavut lace weight 100% Qiviut and other exotic fiber yarns, 45/45/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk blend yarns or 50gm of 100% Qiviut Lace weight from Greenland for a longer scarf if desired.

Ruched Scarf with Trellis Panels by Margaret Stove

  • Adobe Acrobat pdf file 408kb.

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