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100% Qiviut from Greenland

These 100% Qiviut yarns from Greenland come in true Fingering and standard Lace weights and 50 gram skeins. I offer both yarn weights in Natural Qiviut. The skeins are heavier than all of my other qiviut yarns, the price is the same per ounce. If you would like to have the standard Lace weight in dyed colors, please inquire!

Introducing 6 Hand-Painted Solid Colors in 100% Qiviut true Fingering weights. These are custom dyed for me by Mountain Colors Yarns, Inc in Jewel Tones. All have slight variations within each skein so the rich colors are very much like jewels with light refracting.

If you'd like to see Hand-Painted Multi-Colors by Mountain Colors, Inc or different colors in either of these yarns, please inquire. 

Quantities are limited at this time due to availability, Qiviut is hard to find in large quantities unfortunately.

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