100% Qiviut from Canada

This collection of MOCO Qiviut's muskox fiber comes from an island located between Alaska and Canada. The muskox herd is culled each fall because the island can only support a certain number of animals. This maintains the health of both the muskox and the environment. Nothing is wasted. Each year only limited quantities of qiviut are available.

The muskox fiber is processed in Peru where textile mills are equipped to handle the finest fibers.

I offer this exquisite 2ply, 2/14nm, 100% Qiviut in 8 commercially dyed solid colors and 4 multi-colors hand-painted by Mountain Colors, Inc in Montana. Each skein weighs one ounce (28 grams) and is 220 yards (201 meters) in length.


Quantities are in LIMITED SUPPLY.

Please note: this "Fingering" weight yarn is actually a standard lace weight yarn that due to qiviut's natural "blooming" properties, can be worked on larger needles much like any fingering weight yarn. I recommend using needles size US 2-4 (2.75-3.50mm) for textured stitch patterns and needles size US 4-6 (3.5-4mm) for lace patterns. For crochet use hooks size B-C for textured patterns and size C-E for lace patterns.