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Here you will find all the information you need to find what you're looking for, contact me for additional information, place an order, or read about my latest web changes. I am constantly toying with new ideas for this site and feedback is much appreciated! You won't find an automated shopping cart here as I prefer the one-to-one personal approach. Feel free to email me your thoughts concerning my web, yarns, and patterns. I will respond personally.

Please be advised that I now have a real job March through November so am not always available to answer the phone. I can be reached on weekends and I always check my email, voice mail and respond to all inquiries, even if it takes me a few days. The winter months December through February I am HERE knitting and keeping the home fire stoked most of the time!

Please come again...

Notice that as you browse through this web, most sample images for yarns, fibers, and patterns, will appear in a second browser window, which frequently gets stuck behind your current browser window. If you do not close this second window, you will be able to browse forward and backward through the images you've selected. These aren't absolutely accurate color representations due to the nature of digital imagery compression, but they do come pretty close. Enjoy!


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I prefer one-to-one contact and don't have a shopping cart.
Email carylldesigns@yahoo.com with questions or to place an order.
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