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Ultimately Luxurious Rare Fiber

Responds Well To Fondling!

(MOCO or Musk Ox Company, originally founded by Nancy Bender.)

All MOCO Qiviut Yarns are currently in stock! 

MOCO Yarns & Fibers Qiviut Sample Cards $10.00, including postage.
You've got to feel it to believe it!

Download the MOCO Qiviut Brochure for easy reference.

Every skein is hand wound by me so every inch passes through my fingers! I guarantee them to be KNOT-FREE! If you'd like to save 10% ask me to look for skeins with one knot as some are unavoidable. Any yarns with 2 or more knots are cut up and used for sample cards or my knit samples. Qiviut is a terrible thing to waste!

Informative Muskox Video from Canada

What is Qiviut (aka Qiviuk or Qiviuq)?

Nancy Bender of MOCO Yarns and The Musk Ox Company in Montana, with 12 years experience raising musk oxen for their fiber, explains the exceptional qualities of MOCO Yarns Qiviut:
    "Musk ox qiviut (kiv-ee-ute), is one of the finest and warmest fibers on earth. The musk ox have adapted their extraordinary undercoat to protect them since prehistoric times. Their down-like under-hair is eight times warmer than wool by weight and finer than cashmere. Each spring the musk ox sheds this two-part coat and it is harvested by separating the down from the long guard hairs. The harshness and remoteness of the Arctic limits the amount of qiviut available. Small amounts are supplied by domesticated herds but limited worldwide supplies make it one of the most sought after and treasured of all natural luxury fibers. 
    Qiviut fiber is so fine that if you laid 1,950 of them side by side, they would barely cover an inch. The pattern of scales on the surface of qiviut fibers is smooth and even. This characteristic gives it resistance to felting, scratching, and shrinking. As a down fiber, it lacks high durability, but it is remarkably strong, and even compares favorably to wool in tensile strength. A little goes a long way and a scarf can be fashioned with only one ounce of fine yarn.
    With this in mind, the appearance of musk ox qiviut garments improves with washing, giving it more loft, softness, and warmth. Hand washing is recommended in warm water using mild shampoo. Allow the garment to soak for 10 minutes, then gently squeeze the water through a few times. Rinse with the same method and roll in a towel, squeezing the water out. Lay flat on a dry towel or on a non-metal screen and gently shape."
     These exquisite qiviut yarns are painstakingly manufactured to the highest of standards and will provide lasting heirlooms for you and your loved ones.   

    Did you know that musk ox are most closely related to goats? Cows stand approximately 48 inches tall and weigh approximately 400-500 pounds, while bulls stand approximately 60 inches and weigh 600-800 pounds. Musk oxen, native to Arctic regions in Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, were hunted to extinction in Alaska in the 1850's. A herd of 34 from Greenland was reintroduced in 1930. Thank you Greenland!
    Musk oxen are born wild with deep defensive instincts making them difficult to domesticate. They don't always do well in warmer climates and seem to lack some natural bacterial defenses more common further south. Bless the musk ox, they deserve our love, respect, and appreciation!

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Qiviut Characteristics

Qiviut is a remarkable fiber! It blooms beautifully, swelling and becoming softer and warmer the more it is handled. Both the Lace weights and the Fingering weights can be considered lace weights by most standards. The Sport weights can be considered fingering weights by most standards. Due to Qiviut's blooming characteristics these fine weights can be worked on needles much larger than standard lace weight fibers. I recommend using needles size US 3-6 for all 3 weights even in stockinet and needles size US 0-4 for the finer 45/45/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk Cobweb Lace weight. Qiviut alone does not have the elasticity of wool so garments can lengthen about 10% with washing. These qualities make it perfectly suited for lace work and scarves or shawls though it also works wonderfully for anything you like to make or wear. I do recommend using needles 2 sizes smaller coupled with fewer stitches for ribbings in hats or garments. Fondle to your heart's content, Qiviut only improves! Ah, the rewards for the tactile artists...

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Natural Qiviut and Qiviut Blend Yarns

Pictured Left to Right
100% Qiviut Fingering, 100% Qiviut Sport, 70/20/10 QMS Lace, 45/45/10 QMS Fingering, 45/45/10 QMS Cobweb Lace

Please be advised the 100% Qiviut 2/18 Lace weight has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

100% Qiviut
Natural gray/brown color in Sport, Fingering, and Lace Weights.

Sport Weight 3/14:
146 yards/oz...$86/oz.
Fingering Weight 2/14, 14wpi:
220 yards/oz... $86/oz.
Lace Weight 2/18, 18wpi: SOLD OUT
300 yards/oz...$86/oz.

70% Qiviut/20% Merino/10% Silk

Natural color in Lace Weight, a custom spun blend.

Lace Weight 2/18, 18wpi:
300 yards/ounce... $76/oz

45% Qiviut/45% Merino/10% Silk
Natural color in Fingering and Lace Weights.

Sport Weight 3/14:
Fingering Weight 2/14, 14wpi:
Lace (cobweb) Weight 2/28:
425 yards/ounce...$58/oz.

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Hand Painted Qiviut & Qiviut Blend Yarns

Four exquisite colorways Hand Painted by Mountain Colors, available in 3 of the 100% Qiviut & Qiviut Blend Yarns. Fingering weight 100% Qiviut Yarn pictured. Larger detail image for comparison if you're having trouble deciding which multi-color you want!



100% Qiviut,
Mountain Colors Hand Painted

Fingering Weight, 2/14, 14wpi: 220yds/oz....$86.00/oz.

70% Qiviut/20% Merino/10% Silk
Mountain Colors Hand Painted

Lace Weight 2/18, 18wpi: 300yds/oz....$76.00/oz.

45% Qiviut/45% Merino/10% Silk
Mountain Colors Hand Painted

Fingering Weight, 2/14, 14wpi:

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Dyed Solid Colors 100% Qiviut & 70/20/10 Qiviut Blend Yarns
Please note: 100% Qiviut and 70% Qiviut/20% Merino/10% Silk colors all vary a bit even within the same dye lot due to higher white fiber content in the blend making it a shade lighter overall. 100% Qiviut is pictured.

These images compare 100% Qiviut Fingering weight on top and 70-20-10 Qiviut-Merino-
Silk Lace weight on the bottom. 100% Qiviut is always darker.


100% Qiviut, Dyed Solid Colors

Fingering Weight 2/14: 220yds/oz....$86.00/oz.

70% Qiviut/20% Merino/10% Silk, Dyed Solid Colors

Lace Weight 2/18: 300yds/oz...$76.00/oz.

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45% Qiviut/45% Merino/10% Silk Solid Colors!

Some of these new colors would be impossible to produce in the darker 100% Qiviut.

45% Qiviut/45% Merino/10% Silk

Fingering Weight Solid Colors:
220 yards/ounce, 2/14, 14 wpi....$58.00/oz.


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MOCO Muskox Dolls

These adorable dolls are hand made using the reconstituted guard hairs of the muskox for the body and alpaca for the manes. Leather is used for the horns, their feet are suede, and their eyes are glass. Each is unique. The guard hairs are far softer than I'd imagined so they're cuddly and collectible. Start your own easy maintenance herd, I have! Large muskox detail image here.

Small - SOLD OUT
Medium - 7"H x 10"L x 5"W...$133
Large - 9"H x 14"L x 6"W...$161

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Qiviut Comparisons

 A comparison image of the Sapphire dyed 100% Qiviut, 70/20/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk blend, and the 45/45/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk blend, from different dye lots so keep this in mind. This is just to give you a visual idea of how the different yarns take dyes. The second comparison image contains the Natural colored 100% Qiviut, 70/20/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk blend, and the 45/45/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk blend. Here you can see that the pure Qiviut is naturally darker than the two containing blended fibers, the 45/45/10 blend being the lightest. This explains why they take dyes differently!


All information here is current, last price update: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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